Previous Winners' Showcases

2015 Winners

First Place

David Dai, Dramatic Performance
You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown by Clark Gesner

Victoria Pauline Madden, Speech (Original:Persuasive)
Why Aren't You a Feminist? by Tori Madden

James Hou, Poetry
Jabberwocky by Lewis Carroll

Daniel Chan, Speech (Original: Persuasive)
Global Union by Daniel Chan

Charlotte Faye Hiscock, Dramatic Performance (Elizabethan & Jacobean)
Farewell, God knows when we shall meet again by William Shakespeare

Darren Sayson, Dramatic Performance
Hippies & Bolsheviks by Amiel Gladstone

David Dai Victoria Pauline Madden James Hou Daniel Chan Charlotte Faye Hiscock Darren Sayson

Second Place

Emily Liu, Poetry
A Mosquito in the Cabin by Myra Stilborn

Sangbum Shim, Speech (Original: Persuasive)
Mandatory Classes by Sangbum Shim

Eric Li, Speech (Original: Informative)
Chaos: In the Middle East by Eric Li

Jasper Liu, Prose
This Can't Be Happening at McDonald Hall by Gordon Korman

Daniel Yan, Poetry
A Valediction: Forbidding Mourning by John Donne

Emmy Lebed, Speech (Original: Entertaining)
The Dash by Emmy Lebed

Genevieve Varelas, Dramatic Performance
Antigone by Lewis Galantiere

Steven Zhang, T.S. Eliot
La Figlia Che Piange by Author

Kevin Yi Yang Li, Dramatic Performance (Elizabethan & Jacobean)
The Merchant of Venice by William Shakespeare

Kelly Mei Ting Kwan, Speech (Original: Persuasive)
Assisted Suicide by Kelly Kwan

Emily Liu Sangbum Shim Eric Li Jasper Liu Emmy Lebed Genevieve Varelas Steven Zhang Kevin Li Kelly Kwan Bill Dai

Third Place

Bill Dai, Speech (Original: Persuasive)
Fair Trade by Bill Dai

Honourable Mention

Victor Tong, Dramatic Performance (Elizabethan & Jacobean)
A Midsummer Night's Dream, Act 5 Scene 1 by William Shakespeare

Ethan (Kam Tim) Ko, Poetry
Once upon a time by Bill Martin Jr & Michael Sampson

“Speech is power:
speech is to persuade,
to convert, to compel.”
— Ralph Waldo Emerson

Thank you to all the students who entered in the 2015 competition. Again, congratulations to all the winners!

Victor Tong Ethan Ko Timothy Sayson Crystal Lin

Guest Performers

Timothy Sayson, Dramatic Performance (Elizabethan & Jacobean)
Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare

Crystal Lin, Dramatic Performance (Elizabethan & Jacobean)
Coriolanus by William Shakespeare

“The success of your presentation
will be judged not by
the knowledge you send
but by what the listener receives.”
— Lilly Walters

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