Awards & Winners' Showcase

The Winners' Showcase Day

Winners must arrive at the Showcase Venue at the time appointed by the Society. They must be prepared to perform upon commencement and are required to be present for their entire portion of the Showcase, to be scheduled by the Society.

“The right word may be effective,
but no word was ever as
effective as a rightly timed pause.”
— Mark Twain

2018 Winners

The Society reserves the right to disqualify any Winner who is not ready to perform, unless a reason acceptable to the Society has been given previously.

The Showcase performance shall commence once the Showcase Director begins opening remarks.

The Showcase Director, staff, and Venue agents may stop any performance at any time.

The performance will be considered over once the Showcase Director has officially declared the Showcase over.

All Winners and Associates are expected to present themselves in a manner consistent with the occasion, in dress code, grooming, and behavior. Dress code of all Winners shall be formal. Winners who do not comply will be denied their place in the Showcase.

The Society reserves the right to disqualify and remove any Winner and/or a person(s) accompanying the Winner who break Showcase or Venue rules and policies and fail to behave properly.

Winners and Associates shall follow the instructions of the Showcase Director, staff, and Venue agents.

The Showcase Director and staff shall be points of contact for all attendees regarding Showcase matters.

Respectful silence is expected during performances. It shall be expected that the attending audience will refrain from entering or leaving the performance space while a Winner is performing or while Showcase business is being conducted. Failure to comply with this expectation may be grounds for disqualification.

In moving about the performance space, Winners and Associates are expected to do so quietly.

“Language most shows a man,
speak that I may see thee.”
— Ben Jonson


The use of cameras, cell phones, smart phones, photographic equipment, and recording devices by any person other than those authorized parties mentioned below are strictly prohibited in the performance space during the performance portion of the Showcase. Winners risk disqualification if such devices are used, either by themselves or by travel companions, during the performance portion of the Showcase.

Professional photos of the Winner's performance at the Showcase will be provided with a separate fee and will be received via Internet.

The Society solely retains the right to record and document the Showcase proceedings, and to grant permission to authorized third parties to do the same pursuant to the Publicity Release.

“He who wants to persuade
should put his trust
not in the right argument,
but in the right word.
The power of sound
has always been greater than
the power of sense.”
— Joseph Conrad

Performance Aids

Any physical alterations made to the performance area before or during the Showcase by a Winner or an Associate without permission from the Showcase Director risks disqualification.

Costumes and warm-up attire, if any, are explicitly not to be worn to the Venue. The Showcase Director will ensure time and space for performers to prepare for performance, i.e. to warm up and get into costume.

Winners must be able to set up their props within one (1) minute.

All props and costumes remain the sole responsibility of the Winner.

No acoustic or lighting system will be provided.