Awards & Winners' Showcase

The Winners' Showcase Information

Winners and Associates will appreciate that there are many considerations in preparing and implementing the Showcase. Special requests in all matters regarding the Showcase can be made to the Society, and due consideration will be paid. It shall remain the exclusive purview of the Showcase Director and/or the Society to make any changes to the Showcase program and performance schedule.

Five tickets are included in the Showcase Fee, and can be distributed at the discretion of each Winner. Winners themselves do not require a ticket. Extra tickets may be purchased at the Carnegie Hall website.

2018 Winners

All Winners are responsible for their own expenses which include travel, accommodation, transport, medical insurance, etc.

“Speech is power:
speech is to persuade,
to convert, to compel.”
— Ralph Waldo Emerson

Information packages will be provided to Winners in advance of travel. Winners are expected to arrive at least 24 hours prior to the start of the Showcase, and shall inform the Society of their arrival.

It shall be within the Society's purview to demand confirmation and documentation of the Winner's and/or any Travel Companion's ability to attend the Showcase, such as government-issued identification.

Visa supporting letters for international participants of the Winners' Showcase:

We will supply a letter confirming a Winner's invitation to perform at the Showcase for the border authorities if needed by the Winner for an extra fee of $100.00 USD. Only one accompanying parent/guardian can be included in the visa letter. We do not guarantee that the issuance of the letter would guarantee the granting of US Visa. Letters will be issued in electronic format only.