How many pieces may I submit?

You are invited to enter multiple categories. Each submission requires its own Entry Form and payment. All submissions that make it into the Showcase also require their own forms and payments.

How do I find out if I made it into the Winners' Showcase?

All Entrants whose submissions are adjudicated successfully for placement in the Winners' Showcase will be contacted directly.

I'm Canadian. Do I still have to pay in US dollars?

Yes. All transactions are in US dollars, regardless of country of origin.

What methods of payment are allowed?

As stated under Payments and Fees, all Entrants may pay by international money order, bank draft, or PayPal. Canadian Entrants have the extra option of paying by cheque.

Who is considered an “International” Entrant?

An Entrant who does not reside in Canada is considered “international.”

What if my piece doesn't fit the time limit?

All time limits are clearly stated under each category. A leeway of fifteen (15) seconds will be allowed. Submissions that do not fall within these parameters will be penalized, from demerit points to disqualification, depending on the size of infraction. If your piece does not fit within these parameters, you should adjust it.

Why are some of the time limits the same for different age categories?

Adjudication of all submissions includes practical and artistic parameters. The length of a piece is only one criterion. While a time limit may be the same across age categories, the same cannot be said for maturity of content or ability to handle textual nuances, for example. To this end, Entrants are advised to consider all aspects of adjudication.

Must the Entrant identify as the same gender or race as the speaker of the material?

No. In fact, Magnum Opus encourages it, and wishes to mirror today's cultural climate of diversity. So, for example, a boy may play a female character (as was certainly done in Shakespeare's day) or a girl may tackle an historically male role; or an Entrant of any identity may recite Martin Luther King Jr.'s I Have a Dream speech. Entrants are reminded, however, that performances should strive for truth and honesty in interpretation, and not promote physical or vocal stereotypes. Thoughtful consideration in this regard is expected.

Are there any limitations on styles of submissions?

No. The guidelines for all categories are worded to allow latitude, except where expressly stated. So, for example, while there are no specific mentions of “lyrical,” “narrative,” and “spoken word” under Poetry in Categories, there is — more importantly — nothing to say they are not allowed. If in doubt about a submission, contact Magnum Opus directly.

What if we get delayed while traveling to the Winners' Showcase?

You are expected to contact Festival staff with updates. It is possible to be delayed, but still arrive at the Showcase venue in time to perform. Or, your delays may prevent attendance altogether. Because each case has unique circumstances, each case will be considered separately by Magnum Opus. Remember, though, the onus is on Winners and Associates to arrange for proper travel arrangements, which includes timely arrival at the venue city. There is no refund on Showcase Fees.

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